Friday, May 10, 2013


We won't operate under the false premise that people read About Me's or any of that nonsense (and why should they, that requires a click!), so we'll explain who I am and why I've started this blog. 

I've spent quite some time (hundreds of hours) learning just about everything there is to know about photography and have a vast archive of knowledge.  I often post in /r/photography answering people's questions, though less than I used to.  Typically, they're fairly low-effort and can be answered using the subreddit's search to find thousands of replies, or are answered by a quick google search.  From time to time, a nice juicy question comes along that I can't help but answer in-depth.  Problem is, there are some...difficulties built into reddit formatting.  The lack of ability to post inline images and format them is crippling, I won't reply on RES being used for that.  However, the worst thing is how easily lost those posts are.  I can make a 5,000+ character comment, giving a nice answer, and then poof, it's gone after that unless I save a link to it.  I'd like to stop spending forever and a half typing out answers, so I'll be making a repository of high-quality ones here. 

Right, that's the long and short of the photo stuff.  But what about the other two?  Well, over time I've been accruing a bunch of audio equipment and knowledge, so I can do posts similar to my photo ones, but not to the same depth on audio as well.  There will be gear reviews, too. 

Lastly, I've toyed with the idea of doing album reviews for quite a long time, but never had "space" to do them in, so I'll do those from time to time here as well.

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